Literally CAN’T Believe What John Travolta Did At The Oscar’s

Literally CAN’T Believe What John Travolta Did At The Oscar’s

The Oscar’s appeared on ABC Sunday night (in case you  literally CAN’T even stand sitting through hours of watching people that are more successful than you win awards in outfits that you’ll never afford.)

Every year there seems to be some sort of mishap that stirs up the media. For the first ever literally CAN’T award this year, I present this award to John Travolta!



(photo by USWeekly)

After Travolta’s awkward name pronunciation of Idina Menzel last year, Menzel joked and introduced him as, “Glom Gazingo”. But it seemed as though he got a little too touchy on the stage while presenting the Best Original Song Oscar. Thankfully it was planned and ended up not being as creepy as we thought. Luckily for Travolta, he  literally CAN forget the past and laugh because he, “deserved that.”*

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s(NO)w Day

s(NO)w Day

Well I guess today isn’t really a snow day. But we did get snow-today- so yeah, snow day. (Hey, at least school was delayed!) For those that literally can’t even walk outside if your life depended on it, here are some tips to make sure you literally CAN survive snow days:


  • The Parka: AKA the Michelin-Tire-Look if you’re 5ft tall like me. Sometimes you have to suck it up and go to class even if you literally can’t get out of bed. Save your absences for Greek Week, beach days and day drinks (if it ever gets nice out…)


  • The snO-MyGOD Coach boots! Because there’s nothing better than struttin’ your stuff in the cold and STILL look good.


  • The fashionable Hobo-Glove Look with holes for your fingers to text and change music (even though you have to awkwardly use your index finger, thanks Grandma..)


  • Ry’s @ Rowan sells basic coffee for 75¢. If you don’t have those cool cut-out gloves, look for three quarters and warm your hands with coffee.

For a more in-depth version of what to do on a snow day, check out these ideas

All else fails you can just email your professor because it’s an excused absence and go to Happy Hour at Landmark.

*Photos taken by Sarah Hanrahan (roommate)

Valentine’s Day for all the Single Ladies

Valentine’s Day for all the Single Ladies


For those that literally can’t take seeing another lame Instagram picture of a vase filled with a cheap baby’s breath bouquet (that he probably bought with his Borobucks) on your news feed, here are some tips of what to do when you don’t have a date and immediately think you’re ugly and no one loves you and you’re doomed for life – single.

  • Spend time with friends: Luckily for you, you go to school with thousands of other people so your odds of not having a friend are slim. Forget that guy who made you cry during the party by spending time with the ones who wipe your tears and hold your hair back in a crappy Frat bathroom. (Friends last longer than hook-up buddies.)
  • Go to the Spot: Landmark Americana, for you Profs, is a great and convenient place to spend time on Valentine’s Day and forget the fact that your roommate is devouring an expensive 4-course meal right now and you’re not. And by forget I mean flirt with that Townie with the ponytail until he buys you a trashcan. Drink responsibly of course, but talk to other people, have fun!
  • Treat yourselfThere’s always a reason to pamper yourself, especially on Valentine’s Day. Hand and Stone is a convenient massage and facial spa near campus that you can count on to make you forget that you’re alone- until the 50 minutes is up and you come back to reality- then you’re screwed.
  • For other ideas, check out these other ways of spending your single, lonely, depressing Valentine’s Day.

If all else fails, check out these options of food choices to indulge. In the end, it’s just another stupid holiday that only comes once a year. Enjoy being independent! Beyonce didn’t write Single Ladies for nothin’. Follow these steps and I assure you that you literally CAN survive Valentine’s Day. 


Welcome, those that CAN’T!

Welcome, those that CAN’T!

Hi bloggers!

My name is Savana and I am a senior at Rowan University. Sometimes, when life gets tough, we think we literally can’t find a solution to our problems. Trust me, as a girl, I know we all go through this. My blog, Literally CAN is our solution. Literally CAN is a sarcastic and dramatic “How To” guide that glamorizes everyday struggles and gives solutions and tips with a taste of humor (hopefully).  My mission is to provide a guide to make the best of your college years and motivate you to live to the fullest- especially when you think you literally CAN’T

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