Valentine’s Day for all the Single Ladies

Valentine’s Day for all the Single Ladies


For those that literally can’t take seeing another lame Instagram picture of a vase filled with a cheap baby’s breath bouquet (that he probably bought with his Borobucks) on your news feed, here are some tips of what to do when you don’t have a date and immediately think you’re ugly and no one loves you and you’re doomed for life – single.

  • Spend time with friends: Luckily for you, you go to school with thousands of other people so your odds of not having a friend are slim. Forget that guy who made you cry during the party by spending time with the ones who wipe your tears and hold your hair back in a crappy Frat bathroom. (Friends last longer than hook-up buddies.)
  • Go to the Spot: Landmark Americana, for you Profs, is a great and convenient place to spend time on Valentine’s Day and forget the fact that your roommate is devouring an expensive 4-course meal right now and you’re not. And by forget I mean flirt with that Townie with the ponytail until he buys you a trashcan. Drink responsibly of course, but talk to other people, have fun!
  • Treat yourselfThere’s always a reason to pamper yourself, especially on Valentine’s Day. Hand and Stone is a convenient massage and facial spa near campus that you can count on to make you forget that you’re alone- until the 50 minutes is up and you come back to reality- then you’re screwed.
  • For other ideas, check out these other ways of spending your single, lonely, depressing Valentine’s Day.

If all else fails, check out these options of food choices to indulge. In the end, it’s just another stupid holiday that only comes once a year. Enjoy being independent! Beyonce didn’t write Single Ladies for nothin’. Follow these steps and I assure you that you literally CAN survive Valentine’s Day. 



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