Last Minute Spring Break Tips & Tricks

Last Minute Spring Break Tips & Tricks

I don’t know about you, but I literally CAN’T believe my flight for Cancun leaves in less than 24 hours! Of course I waited until this morning to pack, too. So, for those of you who are panicking last minute, I thought of some tips & tricks that will ease your anxiety and prepare you for a week you won’t forget! (Well, debatable.)



The “TUZ”: Turn Up Zone, in Cancun, Mexico last year at Oasis Resort.
(Photo by Morgan Kelly)


  • RELAX: Even though there is a lot of things you have to take care of before leaving, the first thing to do is just relax. Be happy that you’re able to go on spring break and leave all of your troubles at school. Unless you get arrested in another country, then you’re screwed.
  • Papers: Print out ALL travel documents and everything you need as soon as possible. Leave them in your carry-on so you do not forget them. It is going to be a pain if you don’t have them when you check in at the airport. You don’t want to be that person in your group. Seriously, don’t be that person.
  • Sunscreen: I know we all want a fabulous tan but you HAVE to apply sunscreen. Even if you apply 50 Proof once a day, it’s better than nothing. You don’t want to be awkwardly standing on the dance floor because your skin rips with every twerk. If not, your skin will peel and you will be Snake Girl for the rest of your trip. Don’t be a peeling Snake Girl.
  • Have a plan: As much as you don’t want to babysit your friends, you need to look out for each other. Make a meeting spot for whenever you split up or have a curfew time of when to meet. There are crazy people everywhere and girls especially need to be careful of those animals they call, “men.”
  • Hydrate: Always, always, always make sure you have water throughout the day- especially if you’re drinking alcohol. Just because alcohol is a liquid like water does not mean it is hydrating you. In fact, alcohol dehydrates you. Do this and you are one step away from a hangover.


  • Share Luggage: Last year I over packed to the max. Even the airport security thought I packed for two people when they confiscated my bag. (Don’t ask why.) You are most likely only going to wear only a bathing suit during the day and random clothes on your hotel floor you find for the night out. This year, a bunch of us are sharing suitcases so we are splitting the cost. Trust me, every saved cent counts.
  • Beauty Products: Chances are you are sharing a room with your friends. Instead of packing a bunch of toiletries, bring one of everything; shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, and even some makeup. (Even though it’s going to wear off when you jump in Mandala Nightclub’s pool.)
  • Cash:  Prices ad up when traveling. You have to pay for luggage, spending money and even a random, unnecessary check-in fee when you get there. If you are going to another country, DO NOT BRING BIG BILLS! Only bring $5 and single dollar bills because it is very hard get change or convert your money once you’re there.
  • Tipping bartenders: Yes, it is annoying that you have to continue to spend money in an all-inclusive report that was about $2,000 but the bartenders will not even look at you unless you’re waving a dollar bill in their face. My trick, even though it was kind of wrong, was to occasionally pretend to put bigger bills in the tip jar then switch it to less when they come. (Hey, I still tipped.) Sorry, but I am a broke college student that already paid thousands to come here. (And one of you stole my phone when I fell asleep on the daybed last year so that makes us even.) Or just tell the British lads to get you something.

If you follow these easy tips and tricks, I assure you literally CAN have the best spring break!


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