Make Easter Your DISH

Make Easter Your DISH

I literally CAN’T believe Easter is already this Sunday. Since most of us are in college and can’t sit at the kid’s table anymore, we know that Easter is just not the same as it was when we were kids. After the egg hunt we would shove our faces with candy and wait until mom put the ham in the oven. Slowly throughout the day, relatives would start to show up. Grandma sets up her cookies and goes on a rant about some “New Jersey jerk” ran her off the road while Pop makes his way to instantly fall asleep on the couch.

Usually after a few “hello’s” and being smothered in Grandma’s Chanel No. 5 perfume, we start to set up for an early dinner. And usually I would bring out a few plates and be done but NOW I actually have to contribute!

As a guest, you’re pretty much expected to bring something. So, if you have finally come to conclusion that you’re actually growing up, here are some creative ways to impress your family and spice up the dinner table:


Set The Table:

Carrot Utensil Wrap: All you need are some orange napkins, green pipe cleaners and green utensils and voila! You have a perfect set up for the table.


Photo by Catch My Party.


Start With The Apps

Easter Bunny Veggie Tray: This tray is a perfect snack to have while waiting for the main course. This is a simple and creative way to make an Easter themed appetizer that will bring mom to tears.


Photo and recipe by Better Recipes.

Send In The Sides:

Bunny Biscuits: We all know you’re not expected to be in charge main ham or lamb. Everyone loves sides more than the main course anyway. These biscuits are perfect sides to your entree.


Photo and recipe by Mom Always Finds Out


Last But Not Least, Desserts:

Peeps Dirt Cake Cup: If this doesn’t scream “childhood” then I don’t know what does. NOTHING is better than a dirt cup. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes  to make. 


Photo and recipe by Moms Without Answers

Now of course you don’t have to make all of these but they’re all great ideas! Another plus is that you can buy these ingredients at places around campus and use Borobucks. For other creative ways to make yourself the best Easter dinner guest, see what Buzzfeed life has to offer!


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