Rowan University Seniors Talk On How You Literally CAN Survive College If You Follow Their Words Of Wisdom

Rowan University Seniors Talk On How You Literally CAN Survive College If You Follow Their Words Of Wisdom

The time has come where I have to retire my frackets and crop tops. I literally can’t believe that I am graduating college in a week. It seems like yesterday my friends and I awkwardly went to PIKE on a Wednesday freshman year. So, for one of my final posts, I wanted to reflect on the past four crazy years on my life that made me who I am today and create a sort of guide on how you literally CAN survive college. I suppose I will start with freshman year. Ah, the dorms. As crappy as they are with no air conditioning, bed bugs and RA’s, embrace them. This is the year that you don’t know who you are yet. In the beginning, you are still stuck in that high school stage but you have to move on. This is the time where you can literally be whoever you want. If you locked yourself in your room and played World of Warcraft 24/7 in high school you can change that. You can transform into Zac Efron in Neighbors or even Van Wilder (but please don’t, there is a limit on years spent in college before you’re “that creep.”) Embrace your first year and get to know as many people as you possibly can because you might end up becoming best friends with them. This is how I met my amazing roommates and friends that will last a lifetime.

Sophomore year comes around. You probably gained your freshman 15, but hopefully not. College is still kind of new, but you’re not the youngest anymore so you feel like you’re the bomb. That just means you probably found out which house has the best parties and what kind of groupie you are. A great perk about this year is that you’re not in a dorm anymore, and hopefully you’re in Robo. Robo was the best and probably the nicest apartment I’ll live in for a while. You can blast the heat or air conditioning with the windows open and not have to care about bills. You get your own room and kitchen too! Just remember not to put something in the toaster oven at 2 a.m. and cause the fire alarms to go off because you WILL piss people off. This is the time where you and your friends that you met freshman year can meet even more friends.

You’re finally an upperclassman! Junior year is here and now you’ve started to make your mark on campus. It is also that awkward stage where you lose some of your friends to the bar, especially if your birthday is in the summer. Junior year is when I finally found myself. This is where I realized that you should never let another person define you, but also never regret negative things that happen. People are always going to be mean to you. You’re going to have heartbreaks and catty girl conflicts. But the beauty in this is that you have your best friends along your side that will have tissues and Franzia waiting for you. Going through this will make you a stronger person, so remember all of the little things and learn from them.

The dreaded senior year has finally snuck its way into our lives. This one is a tough one considering mine is coming to an end. Everyone says time flies when you’re having fun and before you know it, you’re wearing a cap and gown. I could think of a million things to tell the upcoming freshman, but it would be a lot of writing. Instead, I interviewed the people who changed my life these past four years to share advice that they wish they knew when they were a freshman. Grab some tissues and watch the video below to find out what Sarah Hanrahan. Gigi Russo, Natalie Materek and Morgan Kelly have to say.