Rowan University’s Joe Kvedaras And Jon Pucci Show Us How You Literally CAN Brew Your Own Beer In College

Rowan University’s Joe Kvedaras And Jon Pucci Show Us How You Literally CAN Brew Your Own Beer In College

Sometimes we literally CAN’T keep running to the liquor store every weekend due to loans and priorities. (Meaning not working so we don’t miss out.) Luckily for Rowan University students, Joe Kvedaras and Jon Pucci, they rarely have to run into this problem. Jon and his father used to brew beer together when he was a kid. Now that he can legally drink, he was inspired to take on the task himself with a little help from his friend, Joe Kvedaras. Overhearing them talk about it on campus made me reach out to them to see what it is really like to do this or if they were just lying to try to be cool. Well, they weren’t lying and luckily for me I got to spend three hours with them on Tuesday to see the process. Check out this video shows the inside scoop of what it takes to brew your own beer!

There you have it! After this process they let it sit for about three weeks and Ou La! You have beer.

Alexa Appignani Speaks On Her Goal That Can Change Social Media For The Better

Alexa Appignani Speaks On Her Goal That Can Change Social Media For The Better


Photo taken by her roommate Caitlin Cosgrove at Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick.

In this day and age, social media has become a predominant communication tool. Some may love it and hate it at the same time. I ran into a classmate of mine, Alexa Appignani, a 22 year old senior at Rowan University, in the Cafeteria the other day. Her friendly smile waved me down so I of course sat with her so I didn’t have to be Steven Glansberg in the corner booth in the back. We got onto the topic of social media and how sometimes we literally can’t stand all of the negative videos and comments displayed for everyone to see. After I was finished talking about how irritating my news feed can be, she explained her new invention and website that will launch in a few months and change the social media game forever. Listen to the audio interview to see the potential future of a positive social media!

Now you know that you literally CAN do anything you want if you work hard. This interview was so inspirational. Follow her blog for positive updates and follow her steps towards achieving her goals!

Rowan University’s, Dr. James McCall, Speaks on What To Do When Spring Break Is Two Weeks Away and You Literally CAN’T Step Into A Bathing Suit Right Now

Rowan University’s, Dr. James McCall, Speaks on What To Do When Spring Break Is Two Weeks Away and You Literally CAN’T Step Into A Bathing Suit Right Now

Let’s be honest, most of us literally CAN’T  step into a bathing suit right now considering Spring Break is only two weeks away. (Yes, TWO weeks)  So, I decided to interview Health and Exercise Science Professor and exercise expert, Dr. James McCall, of Rowan University, to get the inside scoop on what to do when you think you might crack the camera screen in pictures of you on the beach.

Nothing is better than an expert supporting your eating and partying habits. Well, not exactly supporting. But, if you read more, you will find out what Dr. McCall suggests to make sure you look good for all eyes on Spring Break; not including your own when six strawberry daiquiris deep.


image-5Dr. James McCall (left), Professor at Rowan University, and myself (right) show off our muscles after our interview. (Photo by: Dr. Gregory Biren)


Realistically, most of us aren’t going to eat Quinoa for the next two weeks. Rather than saying what we should eat, what foods should we avoid eating?

“I do think there are some foods that lend themselves to being less healthy for you; the ones that have trans fats in them, or really high fat levels. They tend to be problematic because they are usually high chloric levels. Anything that your body doesn’t use as fuel will get stored as fat. The sad part is that where ever you gain it first is the last place that it leaves. That’s where you have the majority of your fat cells.

Too many people think that you can change fat into muscles or muscle changes into fat but they’re too separate cell types. So, it’s really a storage factor in that if you are ingesting more than you’re burning, it’s going to be stored. So, whatever you decide to eat, mainly healthier decisions, make sure you balance it with a proportionate amount of workouts.”

We all love to snack. What are some decent snacks that will hold us through until the next meal that aren’t too unhealthy?

“The healthiest snacks are fruits and vegetables but sometimes that doesn’t do it for people. Sometimes they need to find something that’s crunchy. Even though celery is crunchy, that might not do it either. There are healthy versions of popcorn, for instance, that are a lot healthier than others help in that they’re lower in calorie but still high in fiber. This usually will fill you up. That is just one of many ideas.”

(Reader’s Digest gave me more tips on healthy snacks to try. Check it out!)

To be honest, most of us are guilty of have baby “beer bellies” whether we want to believe it or not. What are some exercises you recommend when we are running short of time?

“It’s really, really difficult to target different body parts for specific weight loss. You’re better off targeting ways that you can burn up a lot of calories. The biggest misconception is that doing a lot of crunches and sit ups will help you lose weight. It will tighten up your abdominal area, but, if you’re still eating more than you are taking in, you are still going to have more fat stored.

An example of a comprehensive activity you can do are:

Circuit Training:


(Photo by: Fitness Magazine)

Circuit Training is where you keep your calorie burning level up high rather than just doing the typical exercise where you do a set, wait a while and repeat. Your heart rate level indicates how intense you’re working. So, if you can keep that heart level up, that helps effectiveness. If you maintain an increase in the intensity of your workout, you will have a better chance of attacking those fat cells.

You also have to be careful that you don’t overdue it. That’s a problem with young students; they want to get in shape so fast that they overdue it and they get injured.”

The cliché ‘Skinny Arm’ or ‘Sorority Squat’ pose calls for showing that side arm. Being in bathing suits will glamourize all features; the good and the bad. What are some tricks for toning your arms?

“You don’t need to have equipment. All sorts of resistance training will help tone your arms. If you do them on a regular basis, the more you do it, the more tone you’re going to be. There are millions of ways to do push ups, for instance:

You don’t have to do a traditional push ups. There are all sorts of modified pushups, like salute pushups, walking pushups.


(Photo by: Tony Gentilcore– click link for more pushup workout options!)

REMEMBER: You don’t have to worry that you’re not strong enough to do pushups like everyone else. Every little bit counts!

Resistance training:


(Photo by: Fitness Magazine)

Resistance Training is also great, whether they’re stretch bands, weights or kettle bells. It is nice to use a variety of different kinds because you’re more likely to really increase the strength of the muscle use in a bunch of different techniques.”

(The best part about these workouts is that they can be done at Rowan’s Rec Center or even at home with the right equipment!)

Do you have any final advice for Spring Breakers to stay safe, healthy and hydrated while they’re there?

“The most important thing is to drink lots of water. If you are drinking a lot of alcohol, you think you are getting enough fluid. But, in actuality, alcohol dehydrates you. A good trick is that if you have a drink; follow it with a glass of water. Once you get into that habit, it is kind of easy to make it a habit.”


There you have it! Continue moderate exercise and stick to healthier foods and minimal snacks. And of course, if all else fails, thank God we have photoshop. I hope Dr. McCall answered most of your questions and you end up looking fabulous in your Spring Break pictures that will never get you a job after college. If you want to find me in two weeks, you can find me here: (Sorry, Dad)

Be sure to keep up with me when I return to America the following week to find out how you Literally CAN survive PTSBD (Post Traumatic Spring-Break Disorder) when we get back! 

s(NO)w Day

s(NO)w Day

Well I guess today isn’t really a snow day. But we did get snow-today- so yeah, snow day. (Hey, at least school was delayed!) For those that literally can’t even walk outside if your life depended on it, here are some tips to make sure you literally CAN survive snow days:


  • The Parka: AKA the Michelin-Tire-Look if you’re 5ft tall like me. Sometimes you have to suck it up and go to class even if you literally can’t get out of bed. Save your absences for Greek Week, beach days and day drinks (if it ever gets nice out…)


  • The snO-MyGOD Coach boots! Because there’s nothing better than struttin’ your stuff in the cold and STILL look good.


  • The fashionable Hobo-Glove Look with holes for your fingers to text and change music (even though you have to awkwardly use your index finger, thanks Grandma..)


  • Ry’s @ Rowan sells basic coffee for 75¢. If you don’t have those cool cut-out gloves, look for three quarters and warm your hands with coffee.

For a more in-depth version of what to do on a snow day, check out these ideas

All else fails you can just email your professor because it’s an excused absence and go to Happy Hour at Landmark.

*Photos taken by Sarah Hanrahan (roommate)

Valentine’s Day for all the Single Ladies

Valentine’s Day for all the Single Ladies


For those that literally can’t take seeing another lame Instagram picture of a vase filled with a cheap baby’s breath bouquet (that he probably bought with his Borobucks) on your news feed, here are some tips of what to do when you don’t have a date and immediately think you’re ugly and no one loves you and you’re doomed for life – single.

  • Spend time with friends: Luckily for you, you go to school with thousands of other people so your odds of not having a friend are slim. Forget that guy who made you cry during the party by spending time with the ones who wipe your tears and hold your hair back in a crappy Frat bathroom. (Friends last longer than hook-up buddies.)
  • Go to the Spot: Landmark Americana, for you Profs, is a great and convenient place to spend time on Valentine’s Day and forget the fact that your roommate is devouring an expensive 4-course meal right now and you’re not. And by forget I mean flirt with that Townie with the ponytail until he buys you a trashcan. Drink responsibly of course, but talk to other people, have fun!
  • Treat yourselfThere’s always a reason to pamper yourself, especially on Valentine’s Day. Hand and Stone is a convenient massage and facial spa near campus that you can count on to make you forget that you’re alone- until the 50 minutes is up and you come back to reality- then you’re screwed.
  • For other ideas, check out these other ways of spending your single, lonely, depressing Valentine’s Day.

If all else fails, check out these options of food choices to indulge. In the end, it’s just another stupid holiday that only comes once a year. Enjoy being independent! Beyonce didn’t write Single Ladies for nothin’. Follow these steps and I assure you that you literally CAN survive Valentine’s Day.